US economy: Home sales, last quarter growth rate and weekly jobless claims…

USA in the 4th quarter of 2021. Quarterly growth, which was 6.9% in the first reading announced on January 27, was renewed as 7% in the last reading announced today. In the last quarter, it was increased from 4.9% to 5%.

In the last week, which was followed on a weekly basis, 17 thousand people decreased from 249 thousand to 232 thousand, and the 4-week average decreased from 243 thousand to 236 thousand.

It increased by 11.7% in November and 12% in December, decreased by 4.5% in the first month of 2022 and 801 thousand were made. Despite being below expectations, house sales managed to stay above 800 thousand in the last month. The sales, which were 817 thousand in April, decreased to 662 thousand in 2021. The rise in December continued in the last month as well.

The price increase experienced in almost every group in the world, from food to commodities, is also reflected in the housing sector. Despite the low and long-term credit opportunities in the USA, the increase in housing prices slows the pace of demand.


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