Turkish companies in Ukraine stop their activities

According to the news compiled by Dünya Newspaper, Turkish companies in the country began to cease their activities after Russia’s military operation against Ukraine, which started yesterday.

Anadolu Efes, stopped its production and sales activities in Ukraine to ensure employee safety. In the company’s statement to the KAP, it was stated that 3 breweries in Ukraine were stopped, while activities in Russia would continue. Evaluating the situation in the two markets, the company noted that it could make changes to its 2022 targets, and stated that it provides 5 percent of its revenues and 2 percent of its EBITDA from Ukraine.

Venture Electric, He announced that due to the geopolitical and diplomatic uncertainties in Ukraine, the machinery and equipment investments required to be made at its Odessa facility were suspended. In the statement made by the company, “In case the commissioning of the factory is abandoned by following the process, the machines ordered from Turkey for this factory will be used for the purpose of increasing the capacity in our factories that we bought in Ankara, since they are suitable for our standard production lines.”

ControlMatic decided to unilaterally halt business development activities and ongoing contract negotiations in Russia.

Turkcellannounced that its 100 percent subsidiaries Lifecell LLC, LLC UkrTower and LLC Global Bilgi companies continue their operations in Ukraine as of now. “The situation in the country and its impact on our operations are closely monitored, and our corporate action plans regarding the continuation of the operations of our companies and the protection of the safety and health of our employees are updated instantly according to the developments,” Turkcell said in a statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform. Turkcell subsidiaries provide telecommunications, tower management and call center services in Ukraine.

Enka İnşaat: We have no investment in Ukraine

Operating in the Russian market for many years Enka Construction He also made a statement on the developments. In the statement made by Enka, it was noted that it does not have any investments in Ukraine and there has been no disruption in business processes in Russia.

The statement made by Enka İnşaat is as follows: “Our company closely follows the developments between Ukraine and Russia. We do not have any investments in Ukraine. Although we have business agreements and investments in the construction and real estate sector in Russia for many years, there is no disruption in our business processes at this stage. It is considered that the short-term impact of the current actual situation will remain at a minimum level.

Around 200 stores closed

Recent developments have also negatively affected Turkish ready-made clothing stores. Many brands such as LC Waikiki, Colin’s, English Home, DeFacto closed their around 200 stores in the country for security reasons.

Turkish ship hit in the Black Sea crossed the Bosphorus

The Turkish-owned vessel Yasa Jupiter, which was hit by a bomb off the Odessa coast of Ukraine yesterday, passed through the Bosphorus today. Marshall Islands flagged dry cargo ship named Yasa Jupiter entered the Bosphorus at around 11:40 am today. Coast guard and coast guard boats accompanied the passage of the ship. In the statement made by Yasa Ship Management, it was reported that there were no injuries or loss of life in the incident.

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