Top-selling brands in the used online car market

While Volkswagen (VW), Renault and Fiat were the most preferred automotive brands in the second-hand online market in Turkey last month, Clio was preferred mostly in passenger cars and Doblo in light commercial vehicles on model basis.

According to the data compiled by AA correspondent from Indicata’s second-hand online market report, January sales in Turkey’s second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market decreased by 54.41 percent compared to December 2021, to 90 thousand 310 (when vehicles that have been completely removed from the advertisement are considered sold) it happened.

In January last year, 103 thousand 398 sales were realized. Thus, a 13 percent decrease was seen in sales compared to January last year.

In January of this year, the share of passenger cars in second-hand online sales was determined as 80 percent and the share of light commercial vehicles as 20 percent.

Top 10 brands

Last month, Volkswagen was the most preferred automotive (passenger and light commercial) brand in the second-hand online market with 11,819 sales. Renault followed with 11 thousand 348 units and Fiat with 10 thousand 960 units.

Ford with 8 thousand 558 sales, Opel with 4 thousand 749 units, BMW with 4 thousand 740 units, Mercedes-Benz with 4 thousand 698 units, Peugeot with 4 thousand 393 units, Hyundai with 4 thousand 114 units and Toyota with 3 thousand 254 units were in the top 10. .

Last month, 76 percent of the 90,310 vehicles sold in the second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market were made by the top 10 brands.

Clio took the first place on the mount

In January, a total of 71 thousand 937 sales were made in the second-hand online passenger car market.

Renault Clio became the best-selling model with 3,383 units, replacing VW after a long time this month. This is followed by VW Passat with 3 thousand 254 units, Fiat Egea with 3 thousand 167 units, Renault Megane with 3 thousand 25 units, Ford Focus with 2 thousand 217 units, Toyota Corolla with 2 thousand 197 units, Opel Astra with 1,976 units, BMW 3 Series with 1,722 units, and BMW with 1,676 units. VW Polo followed suit with 5 Series and 1,645 units.

The 10 models in question accounted for approximately 34 percent of total passenger sales.

Slowest Mercedes-Benz sold

While the average sales rate in the Turkish market was 82 days in January, Fiat was the fastest selling brand with 69 days.

The slowest seller was Mercedes-Benz, with a sales rate of 98 days.

Doblo ranks first in light commercial

Last month, 18,373 units were sold in the second-hand online light commercial vehicle market. Fiat Doblo was the best-selling model of January with 2 thousand 592 units, Fiat Fiorino was in second place with 2 thousand 42 sales and Ford Transit / Tourneo Courier was in third place with 1,904 sales.

These models were followed by Ford Transit/Tourneo Connect with 1,211 sales, VW Caddy with 1193 sales, VW Transporter with 1152 units, Renault Kangoo with 894 units, Ford Transit with 886 units, Peugeot Partner with 676 units and Citroen Berlingo with 541 units.

The 10 models in question accounted for 71 percent of the total light commercial vehicle sales.

More than 450 thousand used vehicle data is analyzed daily

Indicata, a business intelligence kit that combines machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, analyzes more than 450 thousand used vehicle data daily by scanning the used online vehicle market in Turkey.

The sales data in the report is based on the advertisement data of more than 40 thousand institutions and organizations engaged in second-hand trade in the online market. These include listing sites such as “Sahibindan, Arabam, Letgo, VavaCars, as well as corporate second-hand websites of OEMs, institutions and platforms where high-volume sales such as Leaseplan, Intercity and Otokoç” take place.

The figures do not contain data on individual vehicle advertisements.

Institutions that trade second-hand on the online platform are withdrawing the advertisements of the vehicles they offer for two reasons. First, it revises the prices of the vehicles in the advertisement according to the changing market conditions and publishes the advertisement again.

Indicata also monitors when these ads are re-published. Secondly, the trading institution withdraws from the ad because it has sold its broker and publishes an ad for a broker that it will re-sell. This second group of vehicle advertisements, that is, vehicles that are completely removed from the advertisement, are considered as sales.

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