Those who cannot afford to eat meat, chicken and fish: Turkey is at the top

Turkey, where 37% of the population cannot afford to eat meat, chicken or fish, is the first in Europe with this data.

While the successive hikes in Turkey, the official inflation exceeding 50% and the depreciation of the Turkish lira affected life deeply, the European Union Statistics Office (Eurostat) decided to recalculate the purchasing power of the minimum wage in Turkey.

According to Euronews Turkish, Eurostat’s ‘good food’ 2020 data announced with the title ‘those who cannot afford to eat meat, chicken, fish or equivalent vegetarian food every other day’ is showing.

Accordingly, Turkey ranks first among 36 European countries. The European Union (EU) average is 8.6%.

Turkey is followed by Balkan countries: North Macedonia 36.8%; Albania 34.3% and Bulgaria 25.9%. After these countries, the rate drops to 15%.

Germany in fifth place

Europe’s largest economy is in Germany ‘those who can’t afford to eat meat, chicken or fish every other day’rate is 15.1%. Germany ranks fifth on the list with this number.

The countries with the lowest rate are Cyprus with 1.1%, Ireland with 1.5% and Switzerland with 1.8%.

The rate is as follows in some other countries: Greece 12.4%; Italy 9.9%, EU average 8.6%; Spain 5.4%; England 4.8% and the Netherlands 2%.

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