The 23-year-old architect produced in 2 years: Here are the production cost and selling price

23-year-old Vietnamese architect Nguyen Dac Chung spent two years creating a replica of Batman’s famous supercar. The two-seater vehicle has electric and remote control-operated wing doors. Nguyen made nine copies of the Batmobile, of which seven have already been sold.

Architect Nguyen Dac Chung was inspired by the Batmobile and worked on the project for two years with a team of designers, mechanics and engineers.

Nguyen says the Batmobile sold for $35,000 and cost $27,000 to manufacture

  • Nguyen built a gas-powered Batmobile in 2019 and spent more than $21,700 at the time, according to Malaysian newspaper Malay Mail. According to the newspaper, it took 10 months for his first design to be ready for the road.
  • The electric version reaches speeds of up to 104 kilometers per hour and weighs 600 kilograms. The car is currently on display at the Van Daryl Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City. “It’s a fully operational, tactical vehicle with highway speeds,” Nguyen says.
  • The car is made of materials such as ABS plastic, steel and carbon fiber. Nguyen used 3D printing technology to create parts of the car, with the armor panels forming the exterior.
  • Batmobile’s hawk-wing doors are operated by remote control. These automatic hawk-wing doors use a hydraulic system.
  • The vehicle is equipped with four cameras to give the driver a 360-degree view of the surroundings.
  • Nguyen has made nine copies so far and 7 have been sold. The vehicles are expected to be shipped to buyers in September.

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