Metropoll: Undecided and protest votes total 20 percent

According to the results of the survey conducted by Metropoll Research with 1535 people between February 2-17; “If only there were parliamentary elections this Sunday”, after the undecided voters were distributed, the AKP’s vote rate was 32.9%; CHP’s vote rate is 26.7%. While the rate of undecided and protesting voters was 20.4%, the rate of voters saying “no answer” was 4.7%.

The high rate of undecided voters, voters who will vote presto, and voters who say “no answer” is remarkable.

AKP 24.6% before these three groups were disbanded, corresponding to 25.1%; It received 26.3% of the vote after it was distributed.

The CHP, whose vote rate was 20% before the undecided people were distributed, became 26.7% after the undecided people were distributed.

It was seen that the vote rate of the Iyi Parti was 13% after the undecided votes were distributed, and the vote rate of the HDP was 12.6%.

MHP was below the threshold with 6.4%. DEVA Party received 3.1%, Felicity Party 2.4% and Homeland Party 1.1%.

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