Istanbul inflation peaks during AKP rule

According to the calculations of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO); In February, retail prices in Istanbul increased by 4.44% on a monthly basis, while wholesale prices increased by 3.38%. like this The annual increase in retail prices in Istanbul is 55.32%; In wholesale prices, it was 58.39%.

Retail prices in Istanbul increased by 13.78% in January compared to the previous month, and increased by 50.91% compared to the same month last year.

The highest monthly increase is in health

In February 2022, in retail prices compared to the previous month; 7.04% in Health and Personal Expenditures, 6.47% in Houseware Expenditures, 5.92% in Food Expenditures, 5.53% in Transportation and Communication Expenditures, 2.28% in Housing Expenditures, 2.25% in Culture, Education and Entertainment Expenditures, A 1.45% increase in Other Expenditures and a -1.91% decrease in Clothing Expenditures were recorded.

In February 2022, in wholesale prices compared to the previous month; 5.48% in the Mines Group, 4.35% in the Unprocessed Materials Group, 3.63% in the Foodstuffs Group, 3.42% in the Fuel and Energy Materials Group, 2.18% in the Construction Materials Group, 1.68% in the Chemicals Group, Textiles In the group, an increase of 0.20% was observed.

TurkStat will announce the official February inflation data on Thursday at 10:00. According to the survey conducted by Foreks Haber with 20 economists, the average CPI forecast for February increased by 4.29%, while the median forecast in annual data was 52.95%, with an average of 53.56%.

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