Mining activities corresponding to olive groves for Turkey’s electricity need have been authorized for public benefit (Official Gazette: 01.03.2022).

Germany’s public interest policy; #sustainability science is essential for agriculture, energy, economy and industry-technology! I am also sharing the data table in which I have compared Germany’s solar energy policy with Turkey’s on three indicators.

As a sustainability science expert, I prepared a free (!) report for the TGNA commission and made a presentation to the parliamentarians. However, the decision of the commission, of which the deputies of both the ruling and opposition parties were members, was “I hope, mashallah”. On the other hand, when it comes to rent, they can be a wonderful compromise and an extraordinarily fast implementation.

President of Ukraine Zelensky, whom they mock as a comedian, was raised by an economics professor father and engineer mother, studied law, but preferred to practice art (actor and writer) in the early stages of his career. When he entered politics, he promised to rebuild trust in politicians and achieved a historical success with 72% of the vote. If you ask the politicians what is their preferred model for trust; The success of Rome’s public administration two thousand and five hundred years ago is in line with the three items I have explained below:

1) Senatus: It is a member of the governing council of the Roman people, which consists of the leading elder and wise elites of the society.

2) Consul: It refers to the highest level administrators in the period when the ancient Roman civilization was governed by the republic, and the advisers of the king along with these administrators.

3) Technocrat: It is a form of management in which all decision-making processes of public administration are in the hands of technical experts. Only scientists, engineers and technologists with knowledge, experience and talent are included in the management levels. In essence, they are experts who take office in the administration based on merit.

It does not matter which person with which title (president, president, king or sultan) is at the head of this three-element management model. However, at the point where this administration differs from the democratic rule of law and the principles of the republic, the hierarchy of norms, the separation of powers, or independence and self-sufficiency in all aspects present such a sad picture that even the best comedian cannot make you laugh.

Dr. My teacher Mahfi Eğilmez will release his “Structural Reform” book this month. I believe it will be at the top of the bestseller again. Our opinion conveyed in our contact yesterday and which is our common opinion:

“Without a correct understanding of the concept of structural reform, it is impossible to talk about the concept of Strengthened Parliamentary System!”

For this, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and to apply the model I explained above on Rome in public administration, thus ensuring sustainable economic development.

Dr. Ibrahim Can

Founder, Financial Management Consultant

I Can Advisory

[email protected]


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