FÖŞ told: The Ukrainian War Will Have a Heavy Invoice on Turkey

It is impossible for Putin to step back in Ukraine.

  • A long-term Russian occupation and resistance movement may begin in Ukraine.
  • The most important effect of the sanctions on Russia is the impoverishment of the Russian people.
  • Because of the sanctions and the Russia-West conflict, the prices of oil, minerals, natural gas and agricultural commodities will rise for a very long time.
  • TURKEY: The biggest loss will be in the foreign trade balance, it will be difficult to control the exchange rate.
  • Food inflation could rise much faster than expected.
  • $24 billion contracting contracts are at stake.
  • The loss in tourism is at least $3.5 billion, the bill may increase even more.
  • Turkey may enter into stagflation, social unrest becomes widespread.

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