Erdogan: “NATO must now determine its stance on Russia-Ukraine”

AKP Chairperson and President Erdoğan made statements about the Ukraine-Russia crisis after his Africa tour. Erdogan, “We have political, military and economic relations with both Russia and Ukraine. We can’t give up on both.” Then he said that NATO should also determine its definite stance.

“Russia has built up a significant number of soldiers on the border. Of course, you don’t need to be a prophet to predict what the result might be in the face of this picture. Pointing out that there is a high probability of conflict with his words, Erdoğan underlined that Turkey has important military, economic and political relations with both Ukraine and Russia. “We can’t give up on both” said.

“NATO must now determine its stance”

Erdogan said NATO should also clarify its stance. Referring to the NATO summit to be held online today, Erdogan said, “NATO must now determine its stance with this video conference summit, it must do whatever it wants to do” said.


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