Dollar shock or interest rate hike? & Will the Russian economy last? What about Turkey? | Kerim Rota

It’s in the Economy, Chairman of the Future Party’s Economic Policy Kerim Rota talks about the sharp rise in oil prices, the rising tension of the dollar and the course of inflation.

Pointing out that there is a great inaccuracy, Rota said that the invasion of Ukraine would spoil the calculations in the economy. After saying that the inflation in February will exceed 50%, he stated that the first shock in the economy will be experienced through exchange rates, but the government will not allow it. He said that in this scenario, an increase in interest rates is inevitable.

Enjoy watching…

01:00 How long will Russia withstand the sanctions?

08:15 Interest rates may increase

10:10 am 6-7 billion dollars sold in 2 weeks

13:45 They had 3 months of time!

16:30 raises raises raises

18:55 Where will the shock come from?

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