Citizen response to ‘economic growth’: “What growth? Our lives are over”

While the citizens struggle with their livelihood and cut back on even basic food products; According to TUIK, the Turkish economy grew by 11 percent in 2021. Citizens, who are worried about the cost of living and express that they feel a shrinkage in their economy instead of growth, said, “What should he feel? What growth? Our life is over. He was really paralyzed.”

While the cost of living is at its peak, citizens struggle with their livelihoods. The people, who reset their social life, try to cut down on the food they eat as much as possible.

The poor, who forget the taste of meat and fruit, can only shop enough to survive.

Yet, according to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the Turkish economy (GDP) grew by 11.0 percent in 2021.

While the industry and service sectors grew in 2021, the contraction in agriculture and construction drew attention.

The share of working people in national income has also decreased. While the share of labor payments in gross value added was 33.1 percent last year, this rate increased to 30.2 percent in 2021.

SÖZCÜ correspondent handed a microphone to the citizen at Çeliktepe Bazaar in Kagithane, Istanbul.
“According to TURKSTAT data, the Turkish economy grew by 11 percent in 2021, did you feel such a growth?” she asked. The responses were as follows:


Mr. Rahmi: “By God, we did not feel any growth, we felt loss. There is so much lost. (Growth) There is no such thing. There is shrinkage, no growth. Prices are very expensive. It’s not like shopping. We are retired (benches) and we cannot approach them. We are experiencing financial difficulties. After the 15th of the month, the salary ends, hunger begins…”


Ayşe Takmaz: “We can’t get everything we want. We complain about the expensiveness. Our budget shrank, it went to the bottom. We used to live more comfortably, now we are in more trouble. Our economy is low, the cost is high, we can’t get what we want… When buying something from the counter, the sellers are ashamed, and so are we. Nobody can say anything to anybody… We are in a difficult situation. You open the wallet and then you see that the money is almost gone. The money is bottoming out and there is nothing.”


Fatma Acarturk: It would be nice if he grew up, but people will die of hunger at this rate. It is very difficult to make a living in a place like Istanbul. God help everyone. It is good that we will return to our hometown (to Ordu) this weekend… Recently, we have been experiencing financial difficulties. Is it not possible? Folks are open. We came to our children to contribute, but the children have to take care of us.”


Citizen who does not want to be named: “We did not feel such growth. It is getting smaller day by day. I don’t know where Turkey’s situation will go. I am a pensioner, I do not get anything with my salary. What is this? I’ve been living in Istanbul since 1962, I’ve never seen such an expensive thing. No, ‘We will lower the prices, I don’t know what…’ I don’t believe it. I am retired, what good would it be if they donated Istanbul to me from now on? I feel sorry for the young people.”


Huzeyfe Gundogan: “We did not feel this growth as an economic reflection, but I guess there is nothing to be done even if it is official figures. We have to accept. Our purchasing power is declining. If we compare it with gold; While it was 145-147 liras per gram 5 years ago, now it is around 860. We definitely feel (the decrease in purchasing power) because the salaries have not increased accordingly.”


Halime Cebeci: “What does it feel like? What growth? Our life is over. He was really paralyzed. How much do you buy a kilo of vegetables and fruits? I don’t think of myself, I think of my children. I’m thinking about their future, I’m not thinking of anything else? I have a hernia in my lower back, it hurts, but I come from work (to the market)… (pointing to the bag in his hand) I have to get this.”


Citizen who does not want to be named: “I have never felt this growth. The recent hikes have had a huge impact on our budget. Prices are increasing day by day. We are in a very difficult situation. We have been experiencing financial difficulties lately. Add that to that, add that to that… We used to pack our bags at the market and take them away, but now we get very little. We’re trying to be moderate. It was a very different world. I can’t understand at all…”

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