As the oil price rises… New price hike for gasoline and diesel!

Gasoline88 cents per liter, valid from midnight, dieselIn the liter price of 1 lira 51 cents came an increase.

According to the information received from the Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employer Union (EPGİS), The liter price of gasoline, which is sold at an average of 16.65 liras in Ankara, will be 17.53 liras. The liter of gasoline will increase from 16.56 liras to 17.44 liras in Istanbul, and from 16.67 liras to 17.55 liras in Izmir.

In addition, the liter price of diesel, which is sold at an average of 16.16 liras in Ankara, will be 17.67 liras. The liter of diesel will increase from 16.08 lira to 17.59 lira in Istanbul, and from 16.16 lira to 17.67 lira in Izmir.

Fuel prices are calculated by refineries based on the average of processed product prices in the Mediterranean market, including Turkey, and changes in the dollar exchange rate.

As a result of this calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may vary slightly depending on companies and cities due to competition and freedom.


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